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The Summary: <Additional Sound for ATV Electronic Drums>

ATV Electronic Drums Additional Sound is the sound data that can be added to the following ATV products:
1) Electronic Drums aD5

The License:

This agreement is between User (Individual or Company) and ATV Co., Ltd (Hereafter "ATV") regarding User purchased product ATV Electronic Drums Additional Sound (Hereafter "The Sound Data"). By purchasing and downloading "The Sound Data" User is agreeing to being bound by the terms of this license. User cannot use "The Sound Data" without accepting this agreement. "The Sound Data" cannot be returned after download by User.

  1. The License:

    "ATV" approved the following rights by using "The Sound Data"

    <ATV Electronic Drums Additional Sound>
    (a) User has the right to use "The Sound Data" registered by User on their "ATV" products. "Use" means to read, write, and set up "The Sound Data" into the memory of User's suitable "ATV" products.
    (b) User may use "The Sound Data" in music compositions, soundtracks, and jingles, either recorded or live, monetized or not monetized, without restriction.

  2. The Copyright:

    "The Sound Data" copyright is owned by ATV/its licensed individual and governed by Japanese copyright law and applicable International law. Therefore, "The Sound Data" must be used like other copyright protected products (Music copyright products like books, CD, etc.). Rights not explicitly expressed under this agreement are suspended by "ATV."

  3. The limit of usage:
    1. The User is not permitted to reproduce, rewrite, or create new data by modifying or changing all or any portion of "The Sound Data" or change or alter its copyright indication in any way.

    2. The User is not a permitted to resell, lease, rent, or distribute "The Sound Data" to any third party.

    3. User is expressly forbidden to use "The Sound Data" to create sounds, loops, or other content for any kind of synthesizer, electronic drum module, virtual instrument, sample library, sample-based product, musical instrument, or competitive product.

  4. Limited Warranty:
    1. ATV offers no warranty for defects of "The Sound Data" or its hardware under circumstances including, but not limited to fire, earthquake, any other accident by third party, or User's mistake, intentional misuse, unintentional misuse, or any other unusual circumstance.

    2. ATV offers no warranty for "The Sound Data" or its hardware as to suitability or marketability under any condition, explicit or implicit.

  5. Limitation of Liability:

    In no event shall ATV and its licensed individual be liable for damages caused by its use or misuse, including but not limited to loss of profit, loss of revenue, lost of data, or any other accountable loss except caused by ATV. ATV is free from liability for damages direct or indirect. ATV shall compensate the purchased price as the total liability for all damages. The above will be the case even if ATV has been notified of a possible defect prior to any loss. ATV is free from the responsibility to correct any defect in "The Sound Data" or its hardware such as a bug.

  6. Cancellation:

    ATV has the right to cancel this agreement if User is in violation of this agreement. In such a case, the User must immediately stop using and destroy "The Sound Data."

  7. Applicable law:

    This agreement is governed by Japanese applicable law.

Copyright (C) 2018 ATV Corporation All rights reserved.

If you do not agree with the license agreement, you can not proceed to a payment.