Q: I can’t sign in.

  1. What should I do first?
    To use ATV SOUND STORE, you need to create your own account and register your instrument.
    Please proceed with registration with reference to The First Time User.

  2. I forgot my password.
    If you forgot your password, please reset it from HERE.

  3. I forgot my registered e-mail address.
    Please enter “I forgot my registered e-mail address” and provide your name, country, sex and date of birth in the inquiry form and submit.

Q: I can sign in, but can’t put items in the cart.

  1. When I place the mouse cursor on the price button, a “(/)” mark appears and I can’t put the item into the cart.
    Your product hardware has not yet been registered. Please register your product HERE.

Q: I can’t register my product.

  1. Product ID check error appears.
    The number printed on the sticker on the bottom of the sound module is not the product ID.
    You can check the product's product ID internally using the menu screens.
    For how to check it, refer to How to Check Product ID.

Q: I can’t import downloaded sounds.

  1. How do I import sounds into the aD5?
    Please check how to import sounds into the aD5 HERE.

  2. How do I import sounds into the EXS series?
    Please check how to import sounds into the EXS series HERE.

If you have any other question or you cannot resolve your problem, please contact us and provide details of your problem from the inquiry form.